The toolkit for automated, standardized software development    

The Novum DevOps Toolkit provides you with the practical know-how of our rich experience in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) programming. Our code is versatile: it can be adapted individually and further developed independently. Our automated tools for software development and operationalization are based on the platform-independent standards of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

The NDO Toolkit offers solutions for the operating level, process level, and application level, which are available either as a complete package or individually.

Operating level:

Novum Kubernetes Platform

The Novum Kubernetes Platform (NKP) stores automation scripts in a structured manner and offers solutions for all fundamental questions arising during the operation of software and services.

Process level:

Novum Pipeline Infrastructure

The Novum Pipeline Infrastructure (NPI) provides preconfigured process components for agile software development processes for fast delivery of complete software systems.

Application level:

Novum Generic Installer

The Novum Generic Installer (NGI) provides automated installation and configuration processes for software packages on a uniform, cross-project level.