NPI: The proven automation solution for your agile software development processes    

The Novum Pipeline Infrastructure (NPI) provides mature, preconfigured process components that are used in Novum-RGI's daily software development. Benefit from more than 25 years of experience in the development and implementation of future-oriented IT solutions.


The NPI gives the necessary answers to the fundamental questions that arise during software construction (source code management, building, binary formats such as dockers) and software testing or quality measurement. Thus, it provides the elementary functions for this purpose, taking into account principles such as continuous integration and continuous delivery.


By adopting the automatisms of the NPI, you can live your agile software development processes optimally and transparently and deliver complete software systems quickly.


By equipping the NPI with the Kubernetes technology, it can also be used as a process level independent of the Novum Kubernetes Platform (NKP) in case a Kubernetes platform is already in use.